Besten Ipad Apps

Besten Ipad Apps Download: Pages, Numbers, Keynote

Apple kürte in der neuen Kategorie „Apple Arcade“ das Spiel „Sayonara Wild Hearts“ zum Game of the Year. (Bild: Apple). Bei der App of the Year konnte sich „Flow“ von Moleskine auf dem. Damit Sie unter den vielen Anwendungen diejenigen finden, die sich lohnen, stellen wir Ihnen die Top 25 der besten und noch dazu kostenlosen Apps fürs iPad. Mit den richtigen Apps wird Apples iPad zu einem produktiven und ernstzunehmenden Notebook-Ersatz - egal ob im Büro, im Home Office oder unterwegs. Das sind die besten Apps für das iPad. Soundhound Die App bietet genau wie Shazam Musiktitelerkennung per Smartphone oder Tablet-PC – allerdings für.

Besten Ipad Apps

Damit Sie unter den vielen Anwendungen diejenigen finden, die sich lohnen, stellen wir Ihnen die Top 25 der besten und noch dazu kostenlosen Apps fürs iPad. Fotobearbeitung, Video-Player, Taschenrechner – alles was Apples Tablet-PC fehlt und einiges mehr, finden Sie unter den besten Apps fürs iPad. Bei der App of the Year konnte sich „Flow“ von Moleskine auf dem.

And either way, your creations are likely to resemble wobbly scribbles. But Looom is nonetheless a superb entry point for animators, due to its ease of use, and a useful sketchpad for veterans - not least when you consider you can run up to five layers, each with their own unique number of frames.

Current page: iPad app of the week. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Most of us don't need all the extra features packed in with our word processor or spreadsheet, and for us, iWork is perfect.

Read our review of iWork. You can use Facebook perfectly fine from the iPad's web browser, but to get the best experience, you should download the official app.

And if you like sharing your photos and videos, you should also connect your iPad to Facebook. This is done in the iPad's settings and will allow you to tap the Share button in Photos and send an image to Facebook.

You can also send web links from Safari, update your status using Siri and other neat tricks. Download Facebook.

Apple Maps has come a long way since its initial release, but many people still prefer Google Maps. If you want to use your iPad as a GPS, or simply map out your route before you get into the car, Google Maps is definitely one of the must-have apps on the App Store.

Apple's Maps app would certainly win the award for prettiest, by Google Maps is still the most functional. Download Google Maps.

Evernote is cloud-based, so you sign in to your account to retrieve your notes. This means you can sign in with your PC, iPad or even Android device.

You can create notes and task lists, email them from your Evernote account and organize them by tags. Download Evernote.

Thus far, we have books, movies, and tv among our must-have iPad apps, but we aren't about to leave out music.

Pandora for the iPad is both simple and sleek, offering the versatility of the website without too much clutter, and allowing you to play the music in the background while you do other things.

When you combine Pandora with the ability to use Home Sharing to gain access to your entire music collection, it's easy to see how the iPad can replace your home stereo.

Pandora is easily one of the best apps available for the iPad. And like the rest of this list it is free. Download Pandora.

Bored with the same old restaurants? Want to find something new? There's nothing quite like Yelp for finding the best restaurants around you.

Combined with a great audience of reviewers, you'll not only find out which restaurants are nearby, but you'll be able to choose the best.

And for most restaurants, you can even get a peek at the menu. Yelp also works on almost any other type of business, so you'll be able to find a dry cleaner or an auto repair shop.

Have a bad experience somewhere? You can tell everyone else all about it on Yelp. It may not erase the experience, but it usually makes you feel a little better about it.

Download Yelp. Dropbox is a great way to get 2 GB of free storage on your iPad. This cloud-based storage solution also lets you easily share files between your devices, so if you want an easy way to transfer photos from your iPad to your PC without bothering with a cable, you can use Dropbox.

And if you have a lot of documents on your PC you want to access from your iPad, you can use Dropbox to store them.

Dropbox works with most devices, so you can use it to share files between your PC and laptop, your laptop and your iPad or your iPad and your iPhone.

And it's a more sophisticated and easier-to-use solution than iCloud Drive once you get it up and running.

Download Dropbox. Rent, purchase, and stream tons of videos. IMDB is the answer, plus it provides movie news and showtimes.

If you want to reserve your tickets for a film before heading to the theater, Fandango is the way to go. This app is the difference between catching a film on opening night and heading home empty-handed.

The Funny or Die app pulls together all those funny videos, that often become viral, and delivers them right to your iPad.

It has everything, from comical news to celebrities, and even the latest funny animated GIFs that are trending.

BuzzFeed took the world by storm with its viral listicles and other fun content. BuzzFeed also has a hard news app, which you can get here.

The New York Times is one of the most venerable newspapers in the world, and the publication has made the leap to mobile with an app that is elegant, easy to read, and loaded with nifty features such as morning briefings and notifications for important stories.

Feedly is a great way to follow your favorite websites, blogs, and YouTube channels. This RSS reader will feel familiar to any Google Reader users and is ideal for keeping up with tons of sources at the same time.

Readers who want to stay abreast of the latest in U. Sometimes you just have to see it. WatchESPN lets you watch tons of sporting events live — assuming your cable provider allows it.

Graphic novels and comics look great on the iPad and so do regular ebooks. Scribd gives you recommendations based on your library, too. Pocket Casts is our favorite podcast app thanks to its slick design and great options.

This is the ideal app to manage your podcast addiction. No music streaming service is more popular or offers more music than Spotify. Listen to all of your favorite songs on the go.

No other option matches Pandora for new music discovery tools. The iPad is equally great for watching movies as it is for making them. Create your own animated films and time lapse clips with this powerful app that captures footage frame by frame.

There are plenty of ways to listen to music on your iPad, but if you want to mix your own, you need Traktor DJ.

You can easily read a book on a tablet, but why do that when you can have someone else read it to you?

Audible, an Amazon company, has a massive library of audiobooks to choose from. You may have chosen the iPad over a Kindle tablet, but you can still enjoy the Kindle app.

Purchases sync to your account and can be viewed on any Apple device. Some of the best stories out there exist in graphic form, and you can read them on your iPad with Comics.

The app allows you to read purchases on your ComiXology account from anywhere. This fantastic app enables you to digitally borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library for free.

All you need is a valid library card and you can get started downloading or streaming content right away.

You get 60 free turns to try it out before you have to pay for the full game. Apple always turns to the Infinity Blade series to show off what its tablet is capable of, and for good reason.

For an odd game, check out Limbo. Filled with tough puzzles and challenges. A hit from the indie gaming world made its way to the iPad and the experience is just as great.

An action RPG with amazing visuals and an enthralling story. Some games are about offering an intense environment and difficult challenges.

Things are going to get a little creepy and odd once you enter the Room. The Gameplay consists of puzzling and intricate machines that you interact with through intuitive touch controls.

Players can collect cards, build decks, and duel opponents, using simple touch gestures to perform every task.

The game is free to play, too, and players can acquire new packs of cards by completing quests or spending money. Elevate is one of the best brain-training apps out there.

Choose from a range of HD video classes for different abilities and improve your flexibility, strength, balance, and relaxation. You can even craft your own classes and schedules.

Keep a really close eye on everything you consume and get a calorie count along the way. This app covers more than 3 million foods, and you can use it to track your exercise as well.

A little gamification and progress tracking encourages you to work out daily. Combining a symptom checker, first aid advice, pill identification, drug and treatment information, and a local directory of healthcare professionals, this is the best free healthcare app.

This app is full of easy to follow advice for coping with accidents. Record your baseball swing or your tennis game, and you can watch the video back in slow motion, compare two videos side by side, and then annotate and share the results to help you improve.

Here are our favorite travel apps. You can search by a variety of factors, including the number of rooms, location, amenities, and more.

One of the most comprehensive travel apps around, TripAdvisor offers up millions of reviews covering places of interest, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Having TripIt on your iPad is like having your own special travel itinerary folder the one you plan to make for every trip but never do.

It keeps hotel, car rental, and flight information in place and in chronological order. Kayak Pro is like the Google of travel planning.

It aggregates multiple airlines and services. Finding flights and hotels is easy on Hipmunk. If Google has an app for it, you should probably have that app.

Google Translate can handle text, voice, handwriting, and text in images. It works with over 70 languages no matter the input.

Never wind up stranded when you have your iPad in hand. In as few as two taps, you can get a taxi on its way to your location.

Follow the taxi in real time, rate drivers, and pay by app. If you end up getting lost, you can count on Spyglass. No time to whip up a meal at home?

There are over 20, participating food stops and is the industry standard for getting reservations.

Besten Ipad Apps

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Die Top 10 der Apps für das iPad. Wer einen Blick in den App-Store seines iPads wagt, wird von hunderttausenden Apps überschwemmt. Fotobearbeitung, Video-Player, Taschenrechner – alles was Apples Tablet-PC fehlt und einiges mehr, finden Sie unter den besten Apps fürs iPad. Das iPad ist kein großes iPhone, sondern deutlich mehr. Während Apple dies durch ein eigenes Betriebssystem klarstellt, machen vor allem. In einer Übersicht präsentieren wir dir die besten Apps für iPad Pro und Apple Pencil, viele bieten Support für den Stylus und sind bestens. Alle Werke lassen sich lesen. Home Downloads Must-Have-Downloads. Please click for source am Festlegen lassen sich auch Schattierungen für Wochenenden, den aktuellen Tag oder vergangene Tage oder die Zahl der anzuzeigenden Tage. Warum auch? Da darf eine App zur Herstellung derselben natürlich nicht fehlen. Ich finde die Auswahl auch merkwürdig. Kurze Erläuterungen, anschauliches Bildmaterial und interaktive Aufgaben geben eine komprimierte, aber fundierte Remarkable, Panama Wm Teilnahmen delirium in die Fotografie. Warum auch? Dazu trägt auch bei, dass der Kauf eines Artikel schon Dortmund 26.10 einem einzigen Klick vollzogen ist, ohne weitere Kaufbestätigung. Findest Du in dieser Liste unter Bild Einen echten Virenscanner gibt es deshalb nicht. Schon bei der Aufnahme wenden Sie Effektfilter an. Er lässt sich so einstellen, dass ein Zugang per Internet Explorer 7 oder Firefox 3.

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